Michael Kilkie Prep Cook Eat Repeat

When both your company directors have a background rooted in the Glasgow club scene, the legend that is Michael Kilkie is bound to have crossed your paths at some point.

Fast forward to 2020 and a year like no other. As we settled into our new offices and kitchen tables alongside the rest of the world and began working from home, we stumbled across legendary DJ and chef Michael’s Facebook page and so began a summer of delicious home cooked food with Michael posting a different delicious recipe every day during lockdown, accompanied by the always awesome STREETRave live streams. Familiar faces from our heady club days popped up with comments, photographs and a large helping of humour and camaraderie to get us through lockdown.

When we heard that Michael and his trusty sidekick Joanne were thinking of putting all Michael’s recipes into a book for charity we did not hesitate to get on board and offer our services. We knew with Michael’s passion and enthusiasm and the force of nature that is Joanne both involved, combined with our creative input, we could build this book into something special.

Some of Scotland’s top chefs and venues quickly jumped on board with every chef recreating and photographing one of Michael’s lockdown recipes. The book proved a huge hit and sold out with proceeds going to The Catherine McEwan Foundation and a generous portion of the proceeds being donated to the Celtic FC Foundation on our behalf.

We are proud to have collaborated on a project that has helped so many people through some dark days and with all proceeds going to charity, including some very close to our hearts, the good work is set to continue. Through these difficult times we are thankful our lovely clients have kept us busy, and it feels good to use our skills and experience to give something back to those who need a helping hand.

Thanks to all the chefs and photographers who collaborated, cooked, and photographed Michael’s recipes and have provided us with such great content to work with and of course to the man who started it all — the legendary Michael Kilkie.

Find out a little more about the charities who benefited from the proceeds of the book:

Catherine McEwan Foundation

Celtic FC Foundation